Evangelism Ministries

"Local, Community, and Global care to people of God in their daily lives of witness and service."

 Annual offerings by Evangelism Ministry

Christmas for Peace Lutheran Families: If you or someone you know in our congregation need assistance this Christmas season, please contact one of the pastoral staff.

Tuesday's Table: Every Tuesday a meal is prepared and served to everyone in the community from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. at St. Joe's Catholic Church located at 910 Wilson Avenue Menomonie, WI 54751.

 Blaze Orange Worship Weekend: The Sunday before gun season in Wisconsin opens we recognize our strong hunting heritage in Wisconsin as we lift up in prayer the deer/gun season.  We ask that God keep those that enter the woods be safe and that we are all mindful of God's creation.  Everyone is welcome to come in their blaze orange or camo and enjoy fellowship consisting of “man snacks” following worship service.

 Angel tree: Each year Peace Lutheran has a tree decorated with angel ornaments. Each angel has a gift item written on it. The purpose of the angel tree is to help families within our own church or families connected with Stepping Stones or the United Way (Christmas is for Kids) have a more wonderful Christmas. The Christmas for Kids drive helped close to 400 families this year, 2015. We invite you to participate in this opportunity to serve our neighbors in need.  Everyone is welcome to give as they are able.  You do not need to be a member of the church.



Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your gift to Stepping Stones of $550.72 for Project SAM. Through Project Sam we provide bags of ready to eat and easy to prepare food to children at risk of hunger on the weekends. We are currently serving 350 Dunn County elementary school and Head Start children.

Teachers, students, and parents are surveyed to see if they feel the program is helpful and the results are resoundingly affirmative.

Students were asked "What’s most important about you getting the bags?" Here are a few replies;

- Being able to have extra good food when we need it.

- Makes me ‘healthy’

- I have food for the weekend that I like

- Helps with our groceries ~ we pay less to buy food because we have food from SAM

- Makes things a little easier on Mom and Dad.

No doubt about it—your donation makes a huge difference to these children and their families!   Thanks again.



Parents and Teens can find support and resources within our county and surrounding!

PROGRAM                                   WHERE 

Well Woman                Dunn County Health (715) 232 -2661    Free Mammograms, Paps, etc

Weatherization                West Cap (715) 235-9141    Assistance for home weatherization

Economic Support (Dunn Co.)           Dunn Co. Human Services    Talk with Linda 715-232-1116

Food Pantry, Emergency Shelter, Volunteer Services (Rides)  Stepping Stones of Dunn County  Talk with Jane (715) 235-2920

Sexual Abuse      The Bridge to Hope  715-235- 9074      Resource for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

 Financial Budget Coach            Dunn Co. Extension (715) 232-1636   Talk with Kristin 232-1636

Financial Counseling            Family Means     In Eau Claire 715-834-8500

 Alcohol Issues                  Arbor Place 715-235-4537

Dunn County Partnership For Youth        dcpfy.org        There is so much more and help is available!

You can also ask Pastor Kristine Stedje or Diaconal Minister Kelly Jensen at 715.235.2500.